Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blog Status

A lot has happened with Northwestern basketball and this blog hasn’t really been updated so some might wonder what’s going on. Well, to be honest the spring just isn’t a time when I have much free time to post on this blog and the summer, well, the summer just isn’t a time I spend a lot of time thinking about basketball. Don’t worry, though, I haven’t totally forgotten about NU basketball. I certainly hope to be writing during next season, but I also know that since I started this blog a lot more regularly updated NU blog sites have been created so it’s not as if people are entirely dependent on my updates for NU hoops news. Regardless, if you want updates on my feelings about NU basketball I invite you to make sure you check in here when next season starts and until then you can get info on my thoughts about NU hoops (and many, many other things related and not) in 140 characters or less by following me on twitter @RLins12 and until next season I’ll simply say Go Cats!