Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Flashforward: Hopes for 2009-2010

I'll start looking back at 2008-2009 next week, but first I want to share my hopes for next season. Below in no real order is a list of items I want to see next season...

- Kyle Rowley to use his size to his advantage. It seemed too often this year despite being 7-0, Rowley played like he was 5-11.

- Jeremy Nash to hit at least 2 threes a game. If Nash can hit threes he can then drive to the hoop and give NU another threat on offense.

- Drew Crawford to provide NU with a player who cannot only score off the dribble, but who can guard other players who can score off the dribble.

- Alex Marcotullio to have Craig Moore like range.

- Luka Mirkovic to consistently hit 15-18 foot shots.

- Kevin Coble to be first team All-Big Ten.

- The Wildcats to win at least 7 Big Ten home games.

- The fans to fill Welsh-Ryan Arena for a non-conference game which NU wins.

- The Wildcats to win on the road against an ACC team.

- John Shurna to average at least 10 ppg and 5 rpg.

- Northwestern finish games in which they have let leads.

- Kevin Coble shoot 42% or better from three.

- Ivan Peljusic to find a role where he can bring his excitment to the floor for at least 5-8 minutes a game.

- Juice Thompson to hit 45% of his threes and be the best point guard in the Big Ten.

- Northwestern to once again will all non-conference home games.

- Northwestern to win at least two games in the Big Ten Tournament.

- Northwestern to play in the NCAA Tournament.

- Northwestern to win a game in the NCAA Tournament,

- Bill Carmody to win National Coach of the Year. The first coach who takes NU to the NCAA Tournament has got to win this award.


Joshua said...

Half of these are asking for quite a bit.

Closso said...

A man can dream!

Ryan said...

And that's the fun of the offseason, you really can believe your dreams might come true.