Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shurna Gets National Team Tryout

Northwestern reported today that John Shurna is going to get the chance to tryout for USA U19 National Team. 17 players will tryout for this team. This a great chance for John to show his skills on a national (and perhaps international level) it is also a great chance for NU's name to get out to the a wide range of new people. If Shurna is one of the 12 players who make the roster, he will play in Auckland, New Zealand from July 2-12 with the rest of the USA squad. I think John has a decent chance to make this team because he brings a wide range of skills as an offensive player and rebounder. The area where he needs to make the most gains will be on defense where several quicker players did beat John to the hoop during the Big Ten season. One move Shura could make to improve this is to work on his shot blocking skills, with his long arms he might be able to squat the ball away from behind when smaller guys beat him to the hoop. Anyway, good luck to John and I hope he makes this team. Here is more from


John said...

Yes. Congratulations to John indeed. Glad that NU will have someone competing for a spot on the national pipeline. Makes you feel better about the talent level at NU.

Ryan said...

Great point, John. Shurna is with a bunch of talented guys in this tryout group.