Saturday, March 13, 2010

At this Point, the Postseason is the Postseason (Unless, Science Fiction isn't Fiction)

A quick additional thought related to NU making a postseason tournament. Personally, I’m still pretty bummed out by NU’s loss yesterday. I refused to watch either Big Ten Tournament game today (I guess I missed a good game between OSU and Illinois, but I really can’t say I care). I suppose I’ll have to watch tomorrow’s game, but it’ll be really hard for me to get myself to a point where I can watch that game and not feel NU ought to be playing. Despite my disappointment, though, I am somewhat heartened by the idea Northwestern hasn’t played their last game. In a little over 24 hours we’ll know for sure, but I’d say it’s almost certain Northwestern will be playing a postseason game on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

Now, a number of people have expressed some disappointment with the idea that NU might not make the NIT. This makes sense as the NIT is obviously better than the CBI or the CIT. It’s on ESPN instead of HDNet or Fox College Sports which gives it more prestige and it is run by the NCAA and not a random organization trying to make money. Those points are all well and good and I’d like to see NU in the NIT, but I don’t understand people’s claim they won’t be excited if NU makes the CBI or CIT. They’re POSTSEASON tournaments.

Postseason play is something that as Northwestern fan I haven’t seen much of. In my lifetime Northwestern has won ONE (1) postseason game in men’s basketball and football combined. If they win number two this year, I’ll be as happy as I possibly imagine being. I’d have preferred that game be the Outback Bowl or an NCAA Tournament contest, but if it’s the NIT, CBI, CIT, or a 5th tournament that gets created in the next day, I really don’t care at this point. I’m going to enjoy it, especially if I can attend in person.

To be honest, unless you’re an NU fan who accidently stepped through a quantum mirror from a parallel reality where Rex Walters to didn’t transfer to Kansas, Geno Carlisle didn’t transfer to Cal, Nick Knapp’s heart never stopped beating and instant replay existed so Brian Musso didn’t fumble in the Rose Bowl, then I think you know the postseason (of any type) isn’t something to take lightly or complain about. Sure, I want to make the NCAA Tournament every year and win the Rose Bowl several times a decade, and I’ll do whatever small part I can to support NU Athletics in building to those goals, but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy the accomplishments along the way. That is, unless somebody has a spare quantum mirror sitting around in their basement, because I’d really have liked to see the results of Geno and Esch playing together.

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