Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some thoughts because I haven't posted...

Because I haven’t posted in a while I wanted to offer a few quick thoughts on some NU related stuff. First of all, it doesn’t look that good for NU’s pursuit of Las Vegas guard Johnathan Loyd. Loyd got an offer from hometome UNLV and reportedly really liked Oregon as well. It’s a shame the kid didn’t commit to NU right after NU offered because the ‘Cats clearly beat everyone (other than SMU) in terms of realizing his talent, but that might not be enough. The good news is things look better in NU’s hunt for 6-10 Minnesota Mr. Basketball and recent Boston College de-commit Kevin Noreen. Noreen has visited NU and the ‘Cats seem to be the best program pursuing the all time leading scorer in Minnesota history. Adding Noreen to the front court along with Coble and Shurna would give the ‘Cats some serious punch up front.

The NCAA Tournament will feature 68 teams next year. I think this is much preferable to 96. Odds are when NU makes the tournament they won’t be one of the last four teams in and therefore will avoid the stigma of only making the Big Dance due to ridiculous expansion. Even better news for NU fans not in the Midwest is that now all the games in the Tournament will be shown live on either CBS or one of the Turner networks.

The Wildcats played their football spring game and got a decent day and a good crowd. The game wasn’t filled with excitement, but I doubt anyone can argue against the belief that NU has a very skilled front seven on defense.

The Wrigley Field game is now official and people can actually buy tickets. I’m thinking that the seats which are selling for the most cash aren’t really that great. Knowing Wrigley Field, I get the sense those seats would be very low to ground which isn’t always they best to watch the offense operate. It’s the reason head coaches say they often have the worst seat in the house.


Anonymous said...
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Sasser said...

Having 68 teams is much better -- I feel like the reason for adding three was to add an automatic bid for the newest conference from this past year (can't remember its name) and also to help weed out the weakest of the "minor conference" teams, for lack of a better term, going into the field of 64.