Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kevin Coble No Longer Plays Basketball At Northwestern

Sadly, this will be the last picture NU fans will see of Kevin Coble in Welsh-Ryan

Northwestern men’s basketball has had some very good news in recent weeks from the commitment of two solid recruits to the very strong play of Alex Marcotullio and John Shurna against high level competition. Unfortunately, today’s news is not good. Kevin Coble, expected back after a foot injury last fall, has decided not to play basketball this season.

Basically it seems that Coble is concerned that rushing back to play basketball will risk making his foot injury worse over the long term course of his life. It’s hard to object to this. We as fans sometimes forget that after these players leave their college athletic careers they are as the NCAA says, “going pro in something other than sports,” for most people that’s real life. If Kevin hurt his chances to walk without pain just to play basketball that would be beyond stupid. Coach Bill Carmody has to once again feel like the world is totally against him. Or to borrow from another writer that he is paying off whatever bad karma he might have at a vastly accelerated rate. Still, even he has to understand that Kevin has to look out for the rest of his life.

Coble is certainly focused on the rest of his life as he intends to finish college after fall quarter. I’m not clear whether the slower rehab totally eliminated Kevin’s ability to play basketball or if he hopes to play professionally once he completes his rehab. Coble certainly seems positive about his teammates and NU saying, “Most importantly, I want to thank my teammates for the opportunity to play with them and I wish them nothing but the best in the upcoming season. There is not a better group of guys than those found on this team and I will miss being on the court with them.” I’m sure his teammates feel the same way and probably wish Kevin’s rehab would have at least allowed them at least another half season together, but it simply did not work out. Coble’s departure opens a huge door for JerShon Cobb. I hope he’s ready to walk through it.

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