Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ohio State beats NU 58-57

So my prediction that Northwestern basketball exits just to torture its fans proved truer than my prediction of a Buckeye blowout. I’ll have more in a bit, but I have to think this one over.


Glenn said...

I wanted a foul immediately after Marcotullio turned it over on the missed cut to Cobb with 18 seconds left.

Yes, it would've been Craft at the line instead of Sullinger, but Craft actually has a lower FT%.

Even if he hits both, we then have 10-15 seconds to set up a 3 pointer to win, rather than the 3 seconds we had (which was just not enough time).

Ryan said...

That's a pretty good point. It's probably hard for a coach to think about fouling in a tie game, but this might have been a good time to do so.