Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Well, that’s all folks.

Northwestern isn’t going to the NCAA Tournament, Bill Carmody very likely will not be retained as head coach because of his failure to qualify for that event (he should be fired just for sending the erratic Drew Crawford to the line to shoot tonight’s key technical instead of John Shurna, though, I kind of liked the small lineup). Honestly, Carmody makes odd choices at times, but he's been an okay coach. It's just probably time for someone else to get a shot. What upsets me the most is the next 14 games are going to be an agonizing death march. Good thing we’re wearing the funeral ready black uniforms on Saturday.

Northwestern hasn't played badly the last two games, but they haven't played well enough. Excuses exist such as the new rims vs Illinois and an obvious missed foul call on Drew Crawford's final drive in regulation, but excuses aren’t what good teams live by.

I don’t actually think God gives a crap about who wins athletic events and nobody is going to convince me he does no matter how many games Tim Tebow wins. Real suffering exists in the world and if God exists he better be focusing on trying to fix that and not making the Broncos get to the Super Bowl. That said, Northwestern must have really pissed some deity off.

The end.

Though sadly I have nothing better to do with me life so I'll still be writing here. Just don't expect happy things.


Glenn said...

Tonight at Michigan
Last week vs Illinois
OT at Washington State in the NIT
OT vs OSU in the Big 10 Tournament
vs #1 OSU last year
OT at MSU last year
vs MSU at home last year
at Michigan in 2009

When was the last time we actually won one of these? The Michael Jenkins game?

Ryan said...

I think we beat Seton Hall in a late game situation in 2006, but really you're right. Close games just have not gone NU's way at all.

doctorb said...

Just have to wonder why Cobb didn't play. Are they holding him out until he is completely ready? I think, if he is healthy, he could be another option at the end of the game besides Drew. Cobb is one guy who can get a good shot if he really needs to.

Bob Dettman said...

Right on all counts except that I don't think they will fire Bill C.