Saturday, December 7, 2013

Back on Winning Track at Home

I don't really know what to say about this game. Northwestern clearly still hasn't found any sort of rhythm on offense but at least they found a way to play good defense. I liked the fact Coach Collins changed up the starting lineup and that seemed to ignite a fire in some of the Wildcats. At least Alex Olah responded to his benching with some intensity. He scored early and actually looked pretty good on the glass vs 6-11 opponent which really impressed me.

Dave Sobolewski still doesn't seem to have put things together. He was also pulled from the starting lineup, but actually played a lot. Unfortunately, not much of his play was particularly good. He still seems very uncomfortable in the new offense and simply can't seem to hit a three. I can't figure it out because he's clearly a guy who has worked on shooting his whole life, but the ball just doesn't go in when he shoots at this point.

I did like the play of JerShon Cobb at the point guard position. He's also a great free throw shooter and needs to be more aggressive going to the basket in an effort to draw fouls and get to the line. I'm still waiting for a truly big game from Drew Crawford. Probably not getting two early fouls every game would help with that. Maybe Collins shouldn't automatically sit Drew when he picks up a foul, though, I'd say Drew as a 5th year senior needs to be smarter defensively and pickup so many fouls.

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