Saturday, December 20, 2008

Listening to the Stanford Game on WNUR 1st Half

In the following post I'll document my feelings as I listen to NU play Stanford on WNUR 89.3 FM.

9:07 CT - After two 2 TO's John Shurna hits a three 10-7 Stanford. NU then gets a TO. Good news.

9:08 CT - Jeff Ryan is called for a charge, that's NU's third offensive foul of the game. Are these Pac-10 refs?

9: 10 CT – Hill hits another three for Stanford. This sounds like bad old school NU perimeter defense.

9:11 CT- Jeff Ryan made a free throw! 13-10 Stanford.

9:12 CT – Coble and Moore really need to get some shots off. Stanford leads 14-10.

9:14 CT – Sounds like Jeff Ryan has come to play tonight.

9:16 CT - Coble scores, sounds like Stanford really wants to run. Another Wildcat foul?

9:17 CT - Under 12:00 TO and Stanford leads by 2 points. Why did Mirkovic come off the bench ahead of Peljusic?

9:20 CT – Jeff Ryan to the line, everybody hold your breath. No good. Good. 1 point Stanford lead.

9:22 CT – Craig Moore is on the board. NU by 2.

9:22 CT (still) – Moore gets picked and Stanford scores and leads by 2.

9:23 CT – Ryan turns the ball over. Is the road impacting the ‘Cats or is Stanford just that good on defense?

9:24 CT – Juice to the line. Good. Coach Carmody is subbing a lot. My boy Ivan Peljusic is in the game now. Juice misses second throw. Stanford still by 1.

9:25 CT- Jeremy Nash for three!!! Go ‘Cats bench. Media timeout occurs shortly afterwards and NU leads by 2 with less than eight minutes to go in half number one. How does NU have 10 turnovers already?

9:28 CT – Mitch Johnson just hit his first three on the year. Crap! Offensive foul on Peljusic. Double Carp!

9:30 CT – Moore misses layup and Stanford hits three. Frak! (That’s for all you BSG fans out there)
9:32 CT – Aaron and Brendan aren’t impressed with the ‘Cats so far. I can’t see what’s going on, but I’m inclined to agree with them. This sounds like NU is really playing struggling. Stanford by just 4, though.

9:37 CT - 33-24 Stanford now after another Johnson three and it seems NU can’t hold on to the ball. Now it’s 36-24 Stanford. What’s going on out there guys?

9:39 CT- Luka hits a long 2. Let’s hope it starts something.

9:40 CT – Anthony Goods is very, well, good(s). 39-26 Stanford.

9:42 CT – NU fails even to get off a shot as the first half clock runs down. This is performance is not even remotely okay. It’s horrible. The Cardinal is 8-of-12 from three. That was a problem in the past for NU and it looks like it might be again.


macarthur31 said...

Based on listening to the NUR feed and checking out the Gametracker stats:

We're not closing out on Stanford's outside shooting. They're hitting 66% from 3. We can't let them keep that rate up.

We're not taking care of the ball. 14 TOs? In one half? That's obscene.

We're down 13 at the half. I think we can come back. I'd like to hear us turning up the defensive intensity. We're still beating them on the glass. Gotta take care of the ball. Unfortunately we have to be error free in the 2nd half to pull this off.

If we do, that might shut up the boo-birds that say Carmody can't make second half adjustments.

Ryan said...

Stanford shouldn't shoot as well in half number 2. That said, NU cannot turn the ball over as much in the second half.