Saturday, December 20, 2008

Listenting to NU at Stanford on WNUR 2nd Half

Listening to 'NUR during the second half...

9:58 CT – NU scores first.

9:59 CT- Juice scores, it’s under ten. Stanford scores its over ten. Wait Shurna scored it’s back under.

10:02 CT - Craig make his second shot of the game, but Goods answers. 9 point lead for Stanford.

10:03 CT - John Shurna now has four fouls and the lead is back to double digits.

10:05 CT – The WNUR guys are searching for explanations for the ‘Cats problems is it the players or the coaches. At this point I’d vote both, but NU has made comebacks before.

10:08 CT – Both Juice and Moore seem to be having trouble tonight. So, how ‘bout those SMU Mustangs? Did you know they’re coached by Matt Dougherty who has his won blog?

10:10 CT – Seems right now like NU has chances, but isn’t taking advantage. Luka with a put back, that’s something. Let’s hope that’s the start of big things.

10:12 CT – Moore airball followed by silly foul. He’s such a streaky player.

10:17 CT – Another NU turnover and Carmody isn’t pleased. Neither am I.

10:18 CT – Good point by Aaron and Brendan, Stanford is leaving the door open, but NU can’t step through. Stanford is back to a double digit lead.

10:21 CT- Shurna fouls out. Brendan says it was a bad call. From my point of view on the radio, I agree.

10:25 CT- NU can’t keep putting Stanford on the line.

10:27 CT – Guess what? Stanford is shooting free throws. No good. Good.

10:29 CT – Coble for three. 2 possession game.

10:30 CT – Stanford answers with a two. Eight point lead for Stanford with 4:51 to go.

10:31 CT – Kevin Coble for three and a defensive stop for NU. This is a BIG possession.

10:32 CT- Luka scores but Josh Owens answers with a dunk. Still just a five point game.

10:35 CT – Jeff Ryan for two, but again Stanford has an answer.
10:36 CT – NU now within 2, must PLAY D. Stanford gets a loose ball and will now get two free throws. No good. Block Out! Luka with the board.

10:37 CT – Luka to the line for 1 and 1. Good. No good. NU down 1.

10:39 CT – Mitch Johnson to the lie for Stanford. Good (60-58 Stanford). Timeout. NU has down a nice job with this comeback.

10:40 CT – Johnson ready to shoot second free throw. No good, but Stanford gets the offensive rebound and calls a TO. FRAK!

10:42 CT- Johnson beats the buzzer for three. Bad news for NU.

10:46 CT – Why Can’t Kevin Coble make free throws this year? Why?

10:47 CT – Stanford wins 65-59. NU really lost this one in the last three minutes of the first half.

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