Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some Random News and Thoughts

First, it looks like Greg Paulus will be playing football at Syracuse next fall. Given the Orange’s poor play of late and the fact they have a new coach so all involved will be learning a new system I think there is a strong shot he will be the starting QB when NU takes on Syracuse next fall. I will be very interested to watch him play. If he pulls of the switch from hoops to football even halfway effectively I think it will be one of the best stories of next fall.

Second, here is an update on NU’s recruiting from Illinois Preps Bulls-eye. I am very pleased to NU involved with so many local players as it shows the locals are taking NU serious as a growing program. Hopefully, the increase in interest from local recruits will be mirrored in interest from local fans.

Finally, NU might get some more local interest as DePaul Men’s Basketball is a total mess. I find it very difficult to comprehend how far DePaul, once one of the nation’s best programs, has fallen. Part of me wonders if the real failure of DePaul started when they choose to fire Joey Meyer. Certainly DePaul was terrible in Meyer’s last year and certainly the Demons have had some decent coaches since Joey got the axe, but clearly none of them were as invested in DePaul or Chicago basketball as Meyer. Meyer and his legendary father, Ray, recruited Chicago hard. It was many of those Chicago players who served as the core for some of Coach Ray’s best teams. Now, it seems Chicago kids aren’t interested in DePaul. This is probably a great thing for NU because as we all know there is a ton of basketball talent at Chicago-area high schools. With DePaul as down in the dumps as they are, it is super-critical that Northwestern continue to build momentum in local recurring of both players and fans.

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AppleDawg said...

I doubt Greg will be much to worry about. As a Saints fan, their new HC at Cuse will run a spread-type O but not one that Greg ran while in HS.

Having played zero football the last 4 years, he will not be near his HS body experience wise and will be very rusty AND have no real time to learn the offense.

People assume that just because you ran a version of the spread means you can run them all and TRUST ME (I know having played it), it isn't anything like that.

Each is very different