Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Football Game: How About Some Basketball?

I went to NU’s spring football game Saturday and I was once again pleased with what a great event NU put on. I just wish with the weather would have been nicer as I believe the crowd of 3,250 would have gone up about 2,000 or so with a little more sun. Still, I thought it was great NU kids, and really everyone, on the field and how Pat Fitzgerald stood out in the rain on Randy Walker Terrace to take pictures and chat with fans. Still, as this is a basketball blog I do have a small compliant. I realize spring football is spring football and that basketball doesn’t even have a schedule yet for next year, but I still think this is a missed opportunity. Clearly, there are fans of NU football who are not fans of NU basketball. Many of them might have been at the spring game. Considering the basketball team is coming off its must successful season in a decade I don’t think it would have hurt to at least brought out some merchandise or something to remind people of the program’s existence and the excitement for next year. Now, obviously we don’t want to take away from football, but I think don’t think Pat Fitzgerald would have minded if Bill Carmody, Tavaras Hardy, or a few hoops players hung out with him on Walker Terrace. Fitz has shown himself to be a tremendous supporter of all NU sports and I’m sure he wouldn’t have objected to giving up a little bit of his stage to help promote the improving basketball program. I hope in the future this is something Northwestern considers. NU does use football to promote basketball during the fall, but perhaps getting NU hoops on people’s mind the spring could be the way to increase awareness and make folks aware of what we all hope will be a very strong product come November.

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AppleDawg said...

Winning breeds excitement

We need that Big 10 Title year and I think we will find TONS AND TONS of bandwagon fans or fans who are willing to go that extra step which they won't do now