Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chicago Invitation Challenge Moved to Chicago

According to Notre Dame’s website and the Sears Center itself, the Chicago Invitation Challenge has been moved from the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates to the UIC-Pavilion in Chicago. For those who already have tickets I do not know what this means. The Sears Center has had some major finance issues which is likely the cause of this move. To be honest, I’m not shocked that a large arena in the far west suburbs that doesn’t serve as the home to any major team is having financial problems. I am, however, a little disappointed that the location which this tournament was moved to is UIC. A team that isn’t even in the event. Yes, playing at Welsh-Ryan would give NU a home court advantage, but I bet considering the number of ND alums who live closer to Evanston than the west side of Chicago that many ND fans wouldn’t have cared. Then again, at least the Chicago Invitation Challenge is now in the city its named after. That does make more sense. Now, we need to have teams (like UIC) who are from Chicago instead of teams that the Chicago media think are from Chicago like Notre Dame.

Also: NU beat Eastern Michigan in football today 27-24 and Wildcat Nation is about to panic after a win. That, I think, is almost a good sign. I'll have more on the reasons to panic or not later.

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