Thursday, September 24, 2009

NU Welcomes A Couple Visitors to Ryan Field This Week

The blog fomerly known as the Purple Drank, now known as Sippin' on Purple, interviewed Drew Cieszynski today. Here's the link:

Drew and a group of friends are coming to Northwestern as part of a tour of all 11 Big Ten football venues. I think this a great deal and I hope that NU makes a positive impression and Drew and his friends. He lists several awards NU could win in his interview as Sippin' on Purple, but as someone who visits all 11 sites in the Big Ten I'd love to hear where NU could improve. After all, as much as we all love Ryan Field Northwestern's gameday could use a little work. Perhaps after Drew and his partners see NU and compare it to other places they've been they'll be able to offer a few ideas on what NU does right, but also what NU can do to make Saturday at Ryan Field a venue which appeals to more than just NU's biggest fans.

Also, if you see Drew and the rest of the tour group make sure you offer them so free food or drink, we do want NU to look good.

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