Monday, November 16, 2009

Three Points - Edition # 1

I’ve decided to start a new feature here on W-RR where at the end (or start) of each week I’ll briefly discuss three issues from the previous week that I haven’t really talked about. For the most part I’ll stick to men’s basketball, but with the season now very much underway it will also be a chance to talk about football and women’s basketball as well. I’ve named the feature Three Points because I’ll discuss three issues, but also because NU likes to shoot threes.

1.I want to once again mention NU’s women’s basketball team getting off to a 1-0 start on Friday night by beating Toledo 73-64. You might think I’m overstating this, but this is a big win for that program. Toledo won 18 games last year and has a good chance to win their division in the MAC. In addition, NU center Amy Jaeschke showed she can use her size to dominate games. She scored 27 points and grabbed 8 rebounds in the win.

2. This Saturday is Northwestern’s final home football game of the year. Wisconsin will likely bring a number of fans so it’ll be the biggest crowd of the season at Ryan Field regardless, but I’d like to see NU fans buy up the remaining tickets and support the ‘Cats after their two road victories the last two weeks.

3. NU’s students deserve major recognition (which Coach Carmody gave them) for the way they showed up against NIU. Now, the students who showed up need to get even more of their friends to come along and completely overflow both sides of Welsh-Ryan when Butler comes to town. The only time the NU student section ever got so full that students were turned away was when #1 Illinois came to NU in 2005. The goal for this year should be to rival that student turnout on multiple occasions.

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Cat Lifer said...

I love the Cats. However, as I sat in my seat in Welsh-Ryan Arena tonight,this is how it went. Opening bell. We get punched in the nose and play rope a dope the rest of the night. We hang around but it is evident we did not have the energy to really have a chance to WIN.Bad things are gonna happen. That is when you need the most tough minded attitide you can muster.We did not do it tonight. We were playing a supposed heavyweight. #10 or whatever. This is when you should be the most jacked up. Who cares if you beat a palooka. This has to come from the player himself. I like these kids. Live and learn.I'll be there for them every game.