Friday, January 1, 2010

Football: 'Cats Fall in OT at Outback Bowl

In one of the stranger football games I've ever seen Northwestern fell to Auburn 38-35 in OT. This is the second year in a row the Wildcats have fallen in OT in a bowl game. This is a tough loss. The last play call for NU was probably questionable (but what do you do without a kicker? Also someone on Wildcat Report mentiond Zeke might have gone to quickly, and in the past I do recall more of delay on that play), the fact is NU had more than enough chances to win the game before that final play. Kafka's interceptions, Demos's missed FGs earlier in the game (it's amazing how even NU's good kickers go south when NU goes south for bowls), and a number of failed attempts to stop Auburn on 3rd and long are among the plays which could have turned the tide of the game before Auburn stopped Markshausen on the fake field goal. The worst part is that after two near misses Wildcat Nationa now has to wait at least another year to get a shot at a bowl victory.

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Kay said...

Actually, if we play a Bowl game before January 1st we won't have to wait a full year to win a bowl game. That said this may well be the year we see Roses again. Persa is promising and I don't see our Defense retreating.