Thursday, January 14, 2010

Make NU Hoops Look Good

You might have read about this today at Lake the Posts, but I wanted to post it here as well. On Wednesday January 20th the Big Ten Network will be coming to Welsh-Ryan Arena to have tryouts for their Hoops on Campus program which airs on Friday nights. The program showcases basketball fandom at the various Big Ten institutions and this Northwestern’s chance to show off. Not only will the program feature a slam dunk contest, but the Big Ten Network wants to the see 100 biggest NU basketball fans as well to help make SPAC into a gameday like environment I know a great many of you reading this probably fit that bill, so take a look at this and consider coming out to help make NU look good. Here's the info:

Show your support of NU MEN’s HOOPS on NATIONAL TV!

Big Ten Network’s series HOOPS ON CAMPUS is coming to Northwestern!
We’re looking for the best basketball players who don’t play for the team to participate in a SLAM DUNK CONTEST.

Open try-out Wednesday, January 20 at 7pm @ SPAC Courts.

We’re also looking for 100 of the biggest NU hoops fans to come out and show your team spirit!

The contest takes place Thursday, January 21 at 7:30pm @ SPAC Courts.

Contact with questions or suggestions.

Let me say, I think this event, and the BTN's show, are great ideas. Part of the fun of the Big Ten Network should be that it can showcase elements of the Big Ten schools networks like ESPN and CBS ignore when they boardcast games. So let's make SPAC look awesome on Thursday the 21st.

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