Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Almost Time to Tip Off Season with Hoops and Snoop on Friday

So on Friday Northwestern tips off the basketball season with an event at SPAC, essentially an open practice with a few other items tossed in hopes of entertaining the fans that show up. It reminds me a bit of the Halloween Hoop-la events which occurred while I was in school. Basically, the event is an effort to bring both the men’s and women’s teams some level of exposure on campus so their fellow students might come and see them play. It is in no way a bad idea, though, attendance at the old Halloween Hoop-la events was never that great. It was mostly the same diehards who showed up to every game whether it was Iowa or Texas Pan-America.

The one positive that might help attendance is that NU is trying to dovetail the event with the Snoop concert at Welsh-Ryan Arena the same day. It’s a shame that it doesn’t seem Snoop and the Hoops will be anywhere near each other on the day of Hoops and Snoop because brining them together might have seriously boosted attendance at the event. Of course, the logistics and cost of such an event probably would have needed to be arranged much earlier than it seems this event was planned. Still, perhaps NU making a big deal about transportation directly to Welsh-Ryan from SPAC will help. Plus, with no football game Saturday morning perhaps students will venture to SPAC for an NU sports fix. I’ve heard that going to football games has actually become expected for most people on campus, so perhaps that same level of enthusiasm will translate to hoops this year as well.

I will not be in attendance Friday at either hoops or Snoop, so if anybody goes and wants to provide a report please e-mail it to me at and I’ll be more than happy to post it. You could also simply leave your report in the comments section. In addition, I’d really like to expand the amount of coverage on this site, but I’m also finding myself with less and less time to do so. Therefore, if anybody out there in internet land wants a platform to talk about NU hoops at times this year, also please feel free to e-mail me. Basically, I’m looking to get up some more non-postgame analysis pieces and I’d also be more than willing to share pre and postgame write-ups as well. I’d also promise not to stick you with the preview of Mount St. Mary’s. I don’t really have any requirements that I’m looking for beyond being an NU hoops fan who will share reasoned analysis from time to time, but if you were one of those diehards in the mid-2000s that I sat with at those Halloween Hoop-la events and lousy games against Penn State I’d be happy to hear you thoughts on a potentially strong season.

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