Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Short Report from Hoops and Snoop

Here’s short report from reader Nate R. who went to Hoops and Snoop on Friday night. Also, I'm still looking for someone who wants to help write for the blog, so if that's something you want to do please send me an e-mail.

Here's Nate's report:

It’s hard to really say too much about the team from this event other than that Mike Capocci really can jump as well as any other Big Ten leaper. The scrimmage was a co-ed scrimmage which looked a lot like the NBA All-Star game when looking at defense being played. Really, the only defense was when JerShon Cobb went up and blocked a shot from one of the women’s players. Good news is that he looks athletic, bad news is most of the men’s players in the Big Ten have better verticals than NU’s women’s team.

I guess I should say that it did look like NU would still be able to score points as the guys did hit a number of threes in the scrimmage, but again it wasn’t like anybody played real defense so the shots were basically wide open.

Both coaches spoke at the event and that was probably the highlight. Bill Carmody thanked the crowd for great fan support last season. He especially highlighted the Purdue and Illinois games which I think we can all agree were the best NU crowd efforts last year. Hopefully, he fired up people to come to games this year too, but I always get a little depressed that it seems like NU’s coaches have to beg fans to show up. It is Big Ten sports. People should want to watch the teams. Especially this team, because I do think they’ll be pretty good.

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