Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NU still pursuing roster addition

Word has come out that Northwestern is in the final three schools being considered by Vanderbilt grad Andre Walker who will have one season left to play at whatever school he enrolls in as a grad student. The Wildcats are up against some big names (Kansas and Xavier) for Walker’s services, but he’s an Illinois native (Homewood-Flossmoor H.S.) and obviously values academics enough to have gone to Vandy in the first place. You also have to consider that with only one year to play, Walker has to look at playing time and NU offers a good chance for him to get on the floor.

Walker’s a 6-7 forward who can shoot from three point range and seems to be a solid rebounder. He’d likely be able to start at the three spot for NU and give the ‘Cats two big forwards who can stretch the defense like they were supposed to have last year before Kevin Coble decided to end his career a year early.

It’s hard to say exactly what will make or break Walker’s grad school decision, but hopefully we’ll see him in purple and white this winter. I think he’d be a huge asset in getting NU to the NCAA Tournament.


Greg said...

I'm surprised to see Walker starting at the 3 spot. In that scenario, who would you see starting at the 1 and 2? Cobb and Crawford?

Ryan said...

I would like to think Cobb can play the 1. I might be wrong, but I really think JerShon was never 100% this year but if/when he is I think he can play point.

Sasser said...

The more important question is -- what grad program is he trying to enroll in?

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