Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some quick notes....

Update: Word is that the Baylor deal is done and the Bears will be in Evanston on December 4th of this year. Baylor's got at least three future NBA players so this will be a reall good test for NU and good preview of where NU really is in terms of trying to play deep into March.

It seems that according to reports from the NU Coaches’ Caravan that Bill Carmody talked a little bit about what he wanted to do in terms of scheduling. Specifically it seems Carmody mentioned Temple and Baylor. Both of these would to me be good teams to play regularly. Some will say they’re somewhat “faceless” as some said about Stanford, but I think Temple and Baylor actually are probably more prominent to basketball fans, especially in the Midwest, than Stanford. Temple has a very strong history and Baylor has done, for all intents and purposes, what Northwestern wants to do. Take a once moribund program and turn it into something that might just contend for a championship. I also think trips to Philly or Waco, Texas would be a lot better for our players than trips to the west coast. Of course, we shouldn’t get too excited about this news as at one point last year NU thought they would schedule Duke and UCLA and got neither, but at we did get Arkansas-Pine Bluff, so I guess that was something. Nevertheless, this is a good time to point out that NU is trying to schedule good teams, but many good teams don’t want to play Northwestern. That’s why getting into tournaments, like the one NU is in at Charleston, are important because you might draw a team that otherwise wouldn’t play you depending on how the bracket works out.

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