Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Final Thoughts on TXAMCC and On to Brown

Some quick additional thoughts from yesterday’s game. The overall performance was very good and it’s great to be 2-0, but some work still remains for NU to do. Most notable is three-point shooting. If NU is going to win games this year they have to be able to shoot close to 40% from beyond the arc. Still, it’s nice to see and for the players to learn that intensity on defense can win games even when the offense falters.

Also, let me say I love the three man center rotation. I think all three have great potential. However, I’m not sure why Ivan Peljusic is slipped so far down the depth chart. I’m honestly not sure the three freshmen do anything significantly better than him. The only notable difference is the fact Rowley and Luka are several inches taller. Peljusic is tall, athletic, and brings a ton of enthusiasm to the court. I really like the kid and hope he cracks the lineup a bit more. I feel the somewhat the same way about Jeremy Nash, but the difference is Nash doesn’t offer much scoring. I think Peljusic has the ability to score in double figures in Big Ten games. Heck, he did it last year. I’m not sure that Rowley and Curletti are at that point yet. For all we’ve heard Mirkovic should be, but it wasn’t really apparent last night.

Brown Game
Okay, so as far as I can tell there are three ways to follow the Brown game. Here they are:

Go to the game – If you live on the east coast I’d encourage you to go and take in this game in person. You’ll instantly become a fantastic resource for the rest of us as the majority of NU fans are going be relegated to listening on the radio or just waiting to see the score on the bottom line during Saturday Night Football.

Pay $7.00 and watch streaming video from Brown’s website - Here’s the link:
Honestly, I’m not sure the cost is worth it, but if I weren’t going to be in the Ryan Field parking lot I’m crazy enough I might have paid the cash. I guess I should thank the Big Ten Network for the 2:30 start.

Listen to the game on WNUR - WNUR, NU’s student radio station, will broadcast the game live. I’ll be turning it on in the parking lot at Ryan Field. For those who will be in the warmth of their home, I suggest you visit and listen in to what the youngsters have to say on-line. WNUR takes some criticism at times, but I know from my experience at NU (which was pretty recent) that those guys put in a ton of time and great effort to bring broadcasts like this life. So I want to offer a big thanks to WNUR’s broadcast team as I’d be pretty angry if all I could do to follow the game was to watch the score trick across the bottom of my TV.

If you have any other ideas on how to keep track of this game please post. I’m sure all of crazy Wildcat fans want to know.

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