Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Women's Team Falls to KSU in Nail Bitter

The Wildcats women’s hoops team came very close to pulling off a shocking nationally televised upset last night on The Big Ten Network. They led the Kansas State Wildcats most of the second half until they finally fell in the last minute 57-52. The ‘Cats really lost the game of two successive possessions in which they recorded a shot clock violation and then took a bad shot, got a rebound, and took another bad shot. It was too bad as Kansas State is an excellent program and the win would have been a huge step forward for the Wildcats. What was even worse than the loss, though, was the attendance. I know women’s basketball games at NU have never drawn well, but last night looked like their might have been less than hundred people in attendance even if you included the teams. That’s too bad as Big Ten Network exposure shows the program to potential recruits, but it also shows them how little interest the University and local community have in the program. Now, granted if the men’s team can’t even fill half of Welsh-Ryan it’s hard to expect the women’s team to do so. However, it would be nice if the women’s attendance consistently hit 1,000 or so fans. With the black curtain pulled around the upper levels of the arena, Welsh-Ryan would actually look pretty full on TV.

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LansingCat said...

The WBB Team played a fine game - coming up just short against a good NCAA tourney team. We will see lots of wins this year - and I think they will end at 500 or above.