Thursday, January 22, 2009

Highlights and a Look Ahead

First off, here are the highlights from last night as posted on Youtube by every NU fan's favorite Youtube poster NUBears.

After watching those highlights we have to turn our attention to the Wildcats next game which is at Michigan on Saturday. This is the first time since probably the famous Michael Jenkins buzzer beater that I go into a game worried about an NU let down. After the Jenkins upset the Wildcats blew a double figure lead and lost to Ohio State. Repeating such a performance would be a serious step backwards for NU after the last two wins. Now, that is not to say this a must win for NU. It’s not. Northwestern can lose to Michigan and still finish above .500 overall and compete for the post-season. However, NU cannot show up and take Michigan lightly just because the Wolverines have lost three in a row while NU has won two. Handling this situation will present a challenge to Coach Carmody as it is very possible NU might be overconfident. After all, aside from the two straight upset wins, Michigan at Michigan was the only Big Ten win Northwestern got during last year’s disastrous 1-17 Big Ten season. I don’t think it would be unreasonable if just a tinge of overconfidence entered the NU players’ minds as they travel to Ann Arbor. However, this cannot happen. Coach Carmody needs to ensure NU plays with the same high level of intensity seen in the last three games. In order to make this happen, Carmody should point back to last season at Michigan. He should point to the fact that game against the Wolverines in Ann Arbor was the ‘Cats only Big Ten win. A reminder of their struggles last season should be enough to make the ‘Cats realize there is not a team in the Big Ten they can simply show up and expect to beat. I think such a reminder will be enough to fire up the Wildcats and void the letdown against Michigan. Most of the NU roster has suffered enough too losses that they do not want to see such long strigns of losses repeated. They want to be the team that changes the perspective of NU hoops. The win against Michigan State was a good start, but to truly change how the nation sees NU basketball, an extended winning streak is needed. If NU can win at Michigan on Saturday as many as 6 straight wins are possible.

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LansingCat said...

Counting eggs before they're chickens. Let's follow the Football team's lead - we're 1-0 yesterday, and 0-0 on Saturday.