Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some Quick Thoughts on the Big Ten

After watching games over the last two days I offer a few very quick thoughts...

Losing to Michigan State by 11 isn’t impressive, but it’s not unimpressive either. The Spartans are the best team in the Big Ten and I see them edging out Wisconsin for the Big Ten title.

Speaking of Wisconsin, they are also a very good team, but they shouldn’t be good enough to beat anybody by 29 points. They are just aren’t that dominate of a team. I expect them to win a lot of games in a manner similar to how they best Penn State.

Penn State got lucky when they played Purdue without Robbie Hummel and Chris Kramer. While the Lions are much better, I think it’s a shame NU doesn’t have them in Evanston.

Illinois is way better than I expected. They play as a team more than last year and seem to shoot the ball much better from the free throw line and three.

Indiana and Iowa aren’t good, but they’ve got some decent players. I wouldn’t chalk these teams up as four wins for NU. Getting two wins should probably be the expectation. Getting three would be fantastic.

Michigan might have the most raw talent in the league. I am really impressed with Harris and Sims, but they have a collection of solid players around them as well.

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