Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Classic NU games which aired originally on the BTN

NU beat Michigan on the BTN in 2008 and it'd be great to see that win again...

The good news for NU fans is the upcoming Big Ten Network schedule has several repeats of classic NU games listed as airing in the next few days and weeks. This is great, except that other than last year's football final vs Illinois (airing twice Saturday) all the classic games are games which the BTN has already aired a bunch of times. Here at Welsh-Ryan Ramblings we love watching classic NU sports, but we also like variety. As a result, here are a couple classics which one has to assume would be easy to rebroadcast since they aired on the BTN originally.

2007 football vs Nevada: This game featured a great finish which rivals many of NU’s classic conclusions over the years. If it had been against a Big Ten opponent, I think it would rank on the all-time list. As it is, it’s still exciting and well worth a repeat viewing.

2007 football vs Minnesota: I mentioned this on my earlier list of classics which the BTN should air, but I want to add that it’s actually a better game than the 2007 MSU game which the BTN airs all the time.

2007-2008 basketball vs Michigan: It was NU’s only conference win and a pretty good game. Classic Craig Moore if nothing else.

2008-2009 basketball vs DePaul: NU hammers the Demons 63-36, well worth a second (or third) watching.

2008-2009 basketball vs/at Indiana: NU beat the Hoosiers twice last season. They won at home in a dramatic game in Welsh-Ryan and then recorded their first win at Assembly Hall in a blow out.

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