Thursday, July 2, 2009

Foul Trouble for Shurna, No PT for Rowley

Game two in New Zealand didn't go as well for John Shurna as game one. He picked up three quick fouls and only played 8 minutes in the USA's 71-55 win over France. Shurna did have a blocked shot and a rebound in those 8 minutes.

Trinidad and Tobago also played today in their tournament, however, Kyle Rowley did not play in the 86-82 win over the Bahamas. While I wish Rowley were playing, I still thinking playing in this tournament is better for him than playing in a summer league with no coaches or drills.

Finally, I want again remind everyone of the fine documentary on former NU Head Coach Ricky Byrdsong produced by a team of Medill students. Coach Byrd might not have been as successful a basketball coach as he wanted while at NU, but he was a great person and on this 10th anniversary of his death, I think we should all take time to remember the positive ideals represented. Here is a link to the documentary:

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Cat Lifer said...

I know the tourney that Rowley is in isn't U-19 like the one Team USA is in, but isn't anyone else worried that Rowley can't even get off the pine?