Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Shirt

No response yet from Northwestern in regards to my efforts to get the athletic department to recognize the Wildcats 1931 NCAA Basketball National Championship, but I’m not giving up. Based on an earlier discussion, I visited a website called where you can custom design T-shirts. While there, I produced a 1931 National Champions shirt. Looking at the result, I have to admit I'm not be the greatest T-shirt designer, though, I don’t think I’m awful either. Nevertheless, I’d love for the folks at Let’s Tailgate to take a crack at a version. They'd would no doubt make a better product. Whatever the case, I’ll wear the shirt to NU’s first home football game on September 5th and you never know whose attention it might catch.

News and Notes: NU recuirting target Josh Gasser just picked up an offer from Maryland. This shows Gasser’s talent level, which is good. It is gives NU more competition for his services, which might be bad. In related news, blog Carmody Court offers up thoughts on NU’s need for a point guard.


Dave said...

I'm trying to decide which other t-shirts I've seen that yours matches most closely in tone -

- Shirts like "Marquette Football," or "St. Joseph's Football"

- Shirts like "Chicago Cubs, 1908 World Series Champs"

If you can set one up that uses the actual NU official fonts, I'll get one.

Ryan said...

If I can get a little help I might take another crack at designing a shirt with NU style font. I'd still rather have NU recognize the title and have official equipment suppliers make the championship gear, though.

Custom T-shirts said...

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