Friday, August 21, 2009

Mail and Other Thoughts

I want to take the time today to answer some e-mails from readers and offer my thoughts on a few subjects. First, the poll conducted about Bill Carmody’s flaws as a coach has finished with 53% of the fans voting that people should stop complaining about Carmody. On the other hand, a poll over at The Purple Drank had 60% of NU’s fans supporting the idea that Pat Fitzgerald would be a better basketball coach than Carmody. What does this apparent disagreement in poll results mean? Probably that different people voted in each poll. What else does it mean? That the debate about Carmody’s skills as a coach will continue in NU circles until the Wildcats arrive at the NCAA Tournament or Carmody arrives in the unemployment line. I think the odds are this year will result in one of the two.

Now let us turn to some mail.

Dan J. writes, “What’s the deal with this 2011 recruiting class I keep hearing about. Is NU going to land any of those guys or is this just all talk?”

Well, first off I think that a total of 9 top-150 players are considering NU is remarkable. Even more remarkable is that two 5-star recruits are doing do. This speaks well to both Carmody and Hardy and the other coaches on NU’s staff. They are obviously working hard to get NU’s name out to amongst the top players in the nation. Can NU actually land these guys? I think the fact that both 5-star guys, Shannon Scott and Dai-Jon Parker play for the same AAU team could really help. That team, The Southern Kings, had several players visit NU after one of their assistant coaches took some classes at Kellogg and recommended his guys visit Evanston.

CentralCat writers, “I’ve noticed some different topics lately. What are you going to write about between now and basketball season?”

Honestly, I’ve asked myself the same question several times. I have to say that I won’t ignore football news. Yes, this is a basketball blog first, but it is also an NU blog and if the Wildcats are bowl-bound in football I’ll certainly have some thoughts to share about that. I think most loyal readers have noted my various football related posts over the summer.

TL114 writes, “You posted a bunch about Greg Paulus becoming Syracuse’s QB earlier this year. Now that he’s been named the started, what do you think will happen?”

Great question. How good can a guy be who hasn’t played a real football game in four years? I suppose that depends on just how much talent he has. Greg was a top-rated high school QB. That talent didn’t go away, but it also hasn’t be practiced in years. I for one think that you can’t be at the top of your game if you don’t practice the skills you need to get there. Therefore, I think Paulus will get better as the year goes along. Playing NU in game three I still think he’ll be rusty, but if Coach Marrone sticks with him, I think his natural talent will merge with game experience and he’ll have a nice year, at least in terms of numbers if not wins.


Rodger said...

I think people sort of assumed my poll was tongue-in-cheek and actually said their opinions in yours.
Either that, or everybody voting knows something about Pat Fitzgerald's basketball mind that we don't.

Ryan said...

I think you're probably right. Though, I do think NU fans are split about Carmody. I don't think it's 50-50, but he certainly doesn't have 80% support either.