Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Once again I'm going to let the e-mail box dictate where this post goes. In this case though it will be less answering specific letter and more dealing with larger issues which fans seem to want addressed.

Issue 1: We still don’t have any recruits who have verbal for 2010 or 2011.

Personally, I wouldn’t worry that much about the 2011 guys yet. We’ve got offers out to 9 top-150 players and they all seem to be seriously considering NU. With guys like that, though, they’re getting offers from all over. If they’re smart, and since they’re considering NU they are, they’ll take their time to try and find the right fit. In the end I’m certain the class of 2011 will bring Northwestern very solid basketball talent.

2010 is somewhat more of a concern, but forward Griffin McKenzie visited NU last week and has listed the Wildcats in his final four schools. He seems like a good fit for NU and I believe a decent chance exists for the ‘Cats to land the 6-9 Ohioan.

Issue 2: Did you see the article which ranked NU the fifth best coaching job in the state?

Yeah I saw the article. However, the article refers to an anonymous poll of 22 coaches from around Illinois or who used to coach in Illinois. I don’t think that it was exactly a scientific survey. I also think the outside perception of NU is that it isn’t a great job because you don’t win. However, if you investigated and found out about the large salary and fairly strong fan support most people would change their point of view.

Issue 3: Kyle Rowley

I haven’t yet found out anymore about Kyle Rowley’s injury than was in the NU press release. I hope to find out more soon. Though NU is deep at center, Kyle’s sheer size is important to the NU program.

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