Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Links

For those who might have missed it, John at Chicago College Basketball wrote an article about Kevin Coble. I think he makes a good point which is worth noting if you're an NU fan. Here's the link:

Also worth a look is the latest post from Black and Purple which highlights why NU has to win 9 games to avoid the Motor City Bowl if the rest of the Big Ten can win 7 games. I'll never fully understand why bowls spend so much time looking at how many fans show up for our home games, but then don't seem to pay attention to how many fans we bring to bowl trips. Link:

If NU wants to fill more seats for both football and basketball it does start, though doesn't end, with winning on the field. Take a look at and you get the feeling NU football is going to do its part. By the way, I think Skip Myslenski was a great hire for He brings great talent and ton of experience and gives us fans fun new stuff to read about the 'Cats all the time now.

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