Thursday, February 14, 2013

Northwestern Gives Great Effort Ends Just a Little Short

I'm kind of at a loss for words on this one. Northwestern played a very good game vs Ohio State, but couldn't finish it out. Perhaps no play summed up the game more than a Reggie Hearn layup that hung on the rim for a seeming entirety when NU could have tied the game late, but it fell of the rim and NU fell to OSU.

The good from this game is notable. NU broke on a new 2-3 zone which was very effective. Some of the Wildcats young players such as new starters Mike Turner and Kale Abrahamson had very nice game. Nikola Cerina proved he can play at least a little bit. Tre Demps made several big shots. All those things are positives which are good for the future of NU hoops.

The negatives are less, but they do exist. NU got beat badly on the glass in the second half and that was a huge difference maker. They turned the ball over not to many times statically, but too many times to seriously expect to win such a game. Dave Sobolewski once again didn't really have a great game and neither did Alex Marcotullio. NU needs production from everyone with such a thin roster left. Also though he kept playing seeing Reggie Hearn go down with an injury wasn't good either.

I'm pleased with the effort, but I'm still pretty pissed at the basketball gods (small g). Nothing NU has endured this year has been fair and while I know life isn't fair sports are supposed to balance out. They're supposed to provide a fairness that life doesn't. Somebody owes NU a break.

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