Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick Purdue Prediction

Here's a quick prediction for the NU vs Purdue game tomorrow. I think Purdue center AJ Hammons will be handful for NU's Alex Olah which will lead to NU switching to the 1-3-1 zone earlier in the game. Thankfully, Purdue is not a great shooting team and as long as NU keeps Hammons off the offensive glass they should be able to get spots. The question then become can NU make enough of their own shots to win? Shooting hasn't been an NU strong suit, but I think being back home will help the Wildcats. Tre Demps is a much better player at Welsh-Ryan and I've got a feeling he's going to have a breakout game on ESPN2. I think behind Demps making shots and Jared Swopshire continuing to battle on the glass NU escapes with a narrow margin of victory which they almost lose due to poor free throw shooting. Northwestern, 55 Purdue, 54

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