Saturday, June 20, 2009

Former NU Coach Kevin O'Neill Named Head Coach at USC

USC has named former NU coach Kevin O'Neill their new head coach. He will take over for Tim Floyd who left the job admist rumors of recruiting violations. O’Neill apparently wasn’t the first choice for the job as this article indicates. The fact is, though, he’s got the job and this will be O’Neill’s fifth job as a head coach at a BCS-conference school. He also coached a season as a head coach in the NBA with Toronto. Part of my finds it amazing teams are still giving O’Neill jobs as he certainly didn’t leave Northwestern, Arizona, or Tennessee with positive feelings, but KO is a guy with deep basketball knowledge and he obviously has some strong references in the NBA who can vouch for that knowledge. He also fits USC well because it seems the Trojans wanted a guy with NBA or BCS experience. Personally, I might have gone another direction were I AD at USC and hired a top-assistant, but it seems that’s not how things are done in the USC athletic programs. Anyhow it will be interesting to see how O’Neill does in his second go around as a Pac-10 head coach.

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