Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NU Links

Here are a few worthwhile links to check out for NU fans:

First, check out Lake the Posts for an interview with the Head Coach of NU QB commit Trevor Siemien. Coach Bob Head makes Trevor sound like a perfect fit for NU, but even more important I think is that Coach Head tells of what a great job Fitz and the staff are doing in selling NU across the nation: http://www.laketheposts.com/2009/06/ltp-interview-with-trevor-siemiens-head.html

Second, I want to welcome another NU site to the blogosphere. Rodger, a sophomore journalism student at NU, has started a site called The Purple Drank on which he has already written basketball and football previews. As I've said before, I think our local media lacks in NU coverage, so I really do believe getting more NU content on the web is a big positive for 'Cat fans. Here's the site: http://sippinonpurple.blogspot.com/

Finally, I want to mention a few future posts I'm working on the let everyone know what else is coming up on WRR in the next few weeks. Thanks to the great deal of positive e-mail I got when I posted pictures of the NU's poster programs I will go back into the archives and pull out some more poster programs. I will also bring out a few other items from NU's past history which I'm sure will please fans both old and new. Also, I'll have some thoughts on the great work of Coach Joe McKeown as NU's Women's hoops team seems to sign a top-100 player each day.

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