Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One More NU Football Jersey

In the last edition of our series on Northwestern’s jerseys (at least for now) we look at NU’s road football jerseys. Also, in order to get a sense of the NU community as a whole, I’ve posted a poll on the topic of favorite NU football jersey. I invite all readers to register their vote. The reason the road jersey is last on this topic is because the basic outline of that uniform really hasn’t changed much over the years. The uniform above is a 1992-94 road jersey, but even with the changes since then the basic outline of a white uniform with purple numbers hasn’t changed. In fact, according to the history section on Hail to Purple NU wore a similar white jersey even in 1935. The 1995-97 versions of this jersey had an N-Cat logo similar to that on the Rose Bowl jersey featured yesterday. The 92-96 versions all had Northwestern striping as you can see above in the 92-94 version. Starting in 1997 the Northwestern stripping disappeared. From 1998-2002 the strips were Adidas strips. Since 2003 NU has worn a USC style single strip. NU has also changed road pants with at various times purple, black, and white pants being used on the road. Overall I like the look of NU’s white jersey. Perhaps that’s why it has stayed similar in design over the years.

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