Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Final Comment on the ESPN Magazine Fiasco

I want to offer a final comment on the ESPN the Magazine “Cheering for a Losing Team” article, unless I do hear from Jeff Zucker from ESPN the Magazine and then we can revisit this issue. The final comment is that I think people overacted on this and I think I know why. NU fans are sick of NU’s false losing rep causing slights like NU getting dissed by Bowl Committees, announcers talking more about big sandwiches than our players great plays, and Mike Kafka not even being a finalist for the Silver Football (if Kafka isn't even a finalist the award ought to be disbanded). None of those things are fair and NU fans overacted because they thought a representative of NU was treating their team the same way outsiders often do. The truth is, though, that wasn’t the case. Somebody who devotes large sections of their day to cheering and preparing to cheer for Northwestern probably wouldn't intentionally disrespect the team. Simple logical proves that and people should consider that fact.

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