Monday, December 21, 2009

Poll Update: Wildcats at #29 in AP Poll

Northwestern is ranked #29 (or 4 spots from being ranked) in this week's AP Poll. In the USA Today Poll NU got 21 votes. Real Time RPI has NU at #51, but has that going up if you look at the season projection that has NU going 25-6 (13-5). Here's the link:

NU probably won't actually finish with that good of a record, but it's cool to look at the projection.

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John said...

Ok, I have to say, the Real Time RPI numbers being thrown around on some sites are just ridiculous. I'm going to point this out in a post on Chicago College Basketball soon, but RPI is the most volatile advanced metric out there. It's a terrible thing to use. Still, be positive because Pomeroy has Northwestern at a very solid 21-10 (9-9)!