Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Gift NU's Athletic Department Should Give Basketball Fans...A National Title

Northwestern's Athletic Department Should Give Coach Lonborg's Team and NU's Fans a National Title as a Holiday Gift.

As it has come up again on Wildcat Report, I think this is a good time to remind NU's Athletic Department about the Wildcats winning the 1931 National Title in Men's Hoops. You can revisit my posts on this topic here:

As I noted on those posts, the bluest-bloods in College Basketball (Kansas and North Carolina) hang banners with their Helms Foundation National Titles. Purdue does the same thing. So my suggestion for a gift from NU's Athletic Department to the fans is to hang a banner for the Wildcats 1931 National Title in Welsh-Ryan. Nobody alive has seen NU win a title in men's basketball. Therefore, it would be a special event for all of NU's staff and fans. I know members of NU's athletic department check on this blog and I am asking for all NU fans for them to start whatever process is needed to make this happen today. The petition we started has been signed by 105 people and I suspect many more would get behind this idea if they knew NU's title existed. So NU Athletic Department, let's give the gift of a National Title to all the fans of NU basketball. I can't think of a good reason not to do so.

Also: Fans can give NU's Athletic Department (and really themselves) a gift by making a donation of Outback Bowl tickets. Lake the Posts has a post which give details here:

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