Saturday, December 5, 2009

In the Category of So Bad It's Not Even Funny...(Well, Maybe Kind of Funny from a Certain Point of View)

Update: Still haven't heard from the writer of the article, but I've got reason to suspect the questions were geared towards a team losing in a game, not a team losing every week.

Spread Far the Fame and the Rivals message board have posted on an article in ESPN the Magazine. The title of the article is “Cheering for a Losing Team” and features a cheerleader from Northwestern as the interview subject. I don’t know if interviews with cheerleaders have to cleared with NU’s athletic department like interviews with athletes, but if they do, then whoever allowed this interview to occur should get more blame than the person who gave it. For the record I'm not saying fire the person in ADs office or kick the cheerleader off the team (that'd be a bit much for a mistake). People should be allowed to make mistakes. I'm sure no one would agree to this interview if they had the chance to do it over. The issue hear is that changing how people see NU sports seems to be an undertaking about as diffcult as the moon landing and silly things like this or the band going to Wheel of Fortune instead of the basketball team's senior day don't help. ESPN the Magazine is somewhat a gulity party in this as well. You'd think somebody on their staff would have gone to NU and know the truth.

Update: I wrote the author of the article asking if he would comment on how the story came about. I think it is somewhat unfair to judge this situation until we know the full story. I'll let you know if I get a response.

Also, I feel terrible for my favorite non-Northwestern college basketball player, Ohio State’s Evan Turner. Turner should have been Big Ten MVP last season, but for reasons which were beyond my understanding lost out to MSU's Kalin Lucas. He was well on his way to getting that title this year, but today suffered a serious back injury which will keep him out a reported 8 weeks.

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